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Managing additional user accounts

Under the Account Settings page click the Defined Users tab. From this screen additional user accounts may be created, deleted, or modified.

Defined users tab

Notification sent to new users

When a new account is created an e-mail is sent to the new user’s email address. A one-time link used to set an initial password is included in the e-mail as well as who created the account.

Sample message:

A new Knowledge Front account has been created for you by
This e-mail was generated for Test Person

Before using the system you will need to set your password. This link will expire in 24 hours.

Your email address ( is your user name to sign in to the system.

For FAQ and Help online, see:
If you have any questions please contact

Thank you,
Knowledge Front support team

User Permissions

Monitor and Alert Settings:
When this is selected the user account will have full permissions to add, modify, and delete all monitors and alerts.
Subscription Information:
Allows the user account to view and modify the subscription information including the ability update the payment information for monthly auto-renewals.
User Accounts:
Grants the user the ability to create and modify other user accounts.