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Alert Destinations

Alert Destinations are the delivery point for alerts (SMS, Voice call, E-mail). Each destination may be assigned to multiple alerts. While creating or editing an alert all the destinations defined here will be available for use in the alert.

Configuration Options

The system is able to deliver alerts via Email, SMS, or Voice calls to any number of destinations.

A simple description of the number or email address
Destination Type:
Email, SMS, or Voice. The method used to deliver the alert to this destination
Email address or phone number.
Add to all alerts:
Convenience method to add this destination to all alerts defined in the system.

Destination Types

SMS Alerts

Replying STOP to any SMS message will *Permanently* stop all SMS messages to that mobile device.

To stop alerts temporarily use the Pause Alert function from any of the alert configuration pages.

Special note regarding SMS alerting and Indian mobile devices: the Indian government has established regulations impacting the deliverability of SMS alerts. First, any phone number listed in India’s Do Not Call Registry will not be able to receive SMS alerts. The owner of the mobile device must follow these specific instructions provided by the Indian government. Second, SMS alerts will only be delivered between the hours of 9 A.M. and 9 P.M., local time in India. We apologize for these limitations, but they are regulations enforced by the Indian government.

Voice Call Alerts

Currently voice alerts are only available for US, Canadian, and UK numbers. We are currently working on international voice calls. Feel free to contact us if interested in this feature.

Email Alerts

Email alerts are sent by This is an unattended email address. Please use for questions.

Number Pool

In order to facilitate reliable delivery at an increased rate the Knowledge Front alerting system utilizes a pool of phone numbers

SMS and Voice Numbers:

  • +1 (952) 955-9678
  • +1 (952) 513-4544
  • +1 (952) 314-5455
  • +1 (952) 236-1477