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Network Monitor Alerting

Knowledge Front’s network monitoring offers several types of alerts. Depending on the type of monitor there will be different alert types available.

Basic Up/Down Alert

This is the most basic alert type. When tests fail because of network issues, or if a standard error code is present (HTTP servers may respond, but with a 500 error for example), the alert will notify all those defined in the Alert Destinations

All monitoring locations must agree that the test has matched an alert before notifications will be sent. See Where are the distributed monitors located? from the Network Monitoring FAQ for location specifics.

Configuration Options

Alert Destinations:
The recipients of this alert. Click Manage Alert Destinations to modify, remove, or add destinations. See Alert Destinations for more information.
Number of samples in error before the alert is triggered. For example: A monitor with a timer of 5 minutes (one sample collected every 5 minutes) with an alert with Violations set to 3 would be 15 minutes (5 x 3 = 15).
Down Only:
Messages are sent only when the alert is initially triggered (Down) and will send no message when the alert is reset (Up). This can be useful if there are many alerts configured with different Violations and multiple UP alerts are not needed.
Repeat Alert:
If selected the DOWN alert will be repeated on an increasing interval until the monitor is detected UP. For example: A 10 minute alert that triggers at 03:00 will send additional down messages at 03:10, 03:30, 04:10, 05:30, etc… Doubling the time between down alerts (10, 20, 40, 80 minutes). Only one up alert will be sent unless the Down Only option is selected, then none will be sent.
Subject Down:
Subject of the message to be sent when the monitor is considered DOWN
Message body - Down:
Any additional text to be included with the down message. In an email this will become the body of the message. For voice and SMS alerts this will simply be appended to the subject.
Subject Up:
Subject of the message to be sent when the monitor is considered UP
Message body - Up:
Any extra text needed for the message body. Same as above.

Threshold Alert

A Threshold Alert is an extension of the base Basic Up/Down Alert that will trigger not only when the monitor test has failed, but also when the test takes too long to respond.

Configuration Options

Options for the Threshold Alert are the same as the Basic Up/Down Alert with a few additions:

Violation Type:
Which type of comparison to use against the returne value. The most typical violation type is Greater than, but certain custom monitors may require Equal to or Less than
Violation value in seconds:
This value (fractional seconds allowed - 0.24 for example) is what is compared against for each test performed. If the tests response time is Greater than the Violation value the alert condition will have been met. If all monitoring stations agree this condition is true an alert will be triggered.

Text Matching Alert

The Text Matching alert will notify if the given text is missing from the response. It will also notify under the same circumstances as the Basic Up/Down Alert

Configuration Options

Options for the Text Matching alert type are the same as Basic Up/Down Alert with the following addition

Text Match:
If the given text is missing from the response the alert will be considered in violation. When the number of configured Violations have been met the alert will trigger.