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Knowledge Front’s HTTP monitoring is simple and reliable. Multiple monitoring locations fetch the specified url on a configurable frequency. If the test fails or a required string is not found and alert will trigger.

Configuration Options

A name that is easier to read than an IP address or fully qualified domain name. Primary DNS for example.
How often each monitoring location will run the test. A 2 minute timer means that each configured monitoring location will perform a test every 2 minutes.

Uniform Resource Locator in the form of

If a specific port is required use the standard form

For SSL support use

Time Zone:
The time zone used when viewing reports for this monitor.
HTTP Authentication:

Authentication method to use if the web server requires it to access the URL. Choices are

  • No HTTP authentication - performs a normal GET request with no authentication
  • basic - Simple authentication mechanism that is rarely used these days
  • digest - MD5 hash of username:password typically. See Digest authentication for more information.
  • NTLM - NT Lan Manager challenge-response authentication used by Windows

Once an authentication selection is made username and password fields will appear.