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Standard Pricing

Monthly and annual subscription options are available See Subscription Options for more information. In general, it’s $10 USD per month per monitor and $30 per month for each Round Trip SMTP Monitor.

Pricing Scale

Monthly Rates

excludes the Round Trip SMTP Monitoring - see below

  • $10.00/Monitor 1-9 Monitors
  • $9.00/Monitor 10-19 Monitors
  • $8.50/Monitor 20-29 Monitors
  • $8.00/Monitor 30-49 Monitors

Discounts for multiple monitors applied automatically

Round Trip SMTP Monitor Monthly Rates

  • 1-4 Monitors $30/Monitor
  • 5-9 Monitors $25.5/Monitor
  • 10-14 Monitors $24/Monitor
  • 15-19 Monitors $21/Monitor
  • 20-24 Monitors $18/Monitor

Need to monitor more? Contact us for bulk pricing

Buyer Guarantee

Knowledge Front’s cost of service has always been, is, and will always be enough to maintain and improve our software. Nothing more. We don’t take year-end bonuses, we drink Folgers, and we wear the same Ts we wore in the glory days.


Monthly subscriptions are automatically charged to a credit card. Annual subscriptions can be a one time credit card charge or contact for a quote or invoice. We are accustomed to working with purchasing departments from the smallest companies to the largest corporations and government organizations.