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Exchange 2010

There are a couple quick and easy methods which can be used to return the round-trip SMTP tests.

Either way no extra software or plug-ins are required.

Method 1.

Set up a contact with SMTP address to return messages to

Screen shots and step by step instructions


  • Fast and always works whether or not the store is online.
  • Captures complete incoming and outgoing message headers
  • This method has proven to provide more consistent round trip times for testing pure mail receipt and delivery.


  • This method always returns the test message, even when the exchange storage is offline.
  • Should be used purely as a mail flow monitoring mechanism and not for testing the exchange store.

Method 2.

Setup a full mailbox with a server side rule to return and then delete messages

See screen shots and step by step instructions


Tests the Exchange store and will fail if the store goes offline.


  • In previous versions of Exchange it has been noticed the rule may not trigger or be processed in a timely fashion causing delays with test messages that may not exist otherwise. This has been traced back to busy systems dealing with heavy loads of messages.
  • Only provides outbound headers for later inspection. The response is created as a completely new message in this method and inbound headers are not retained.