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Contact with SMTP ReturnΒΆ

  1. First a mailbox must be created to receive the incoming messages from Knowledge Front

    Open your Exchange Management Console (EMC) and under Recipient Configuration select Mailbox


  2. Right click and select New Mailbox

  3. Select User Mailbox


  4. Select New User


  5. Create a user.


  6. Assign alias and select mailbox database on Exchange 2010 server

    shot5 shot6 shot7 shot8

  7. Next, a contact must be created in the Exchange Organization

    Under Recipient Configuration select Mail Contact


  8. Select New Contact


  9. Give the contact a name and alias. Assign the External e-mail address to be type SMTP and make the address


    It is important to return the message to and not This will prevent Exchange from dropping the message if it thinks there is a forwarding loop.

    shot12 shot13 shot14

  10. Now assign the Contact to be the forwarder for the mailbox

    Under the properties for the Mailbox, select the Mail Flow Settings tab and select Delivery Options

    shot9 shot16

  11. Check the Forward to: box and select the previously created Contact as the forwarding address