Mailive! SMTP Monitoring Features

DNS, Internet and Mail check all in one

Using Mailive! is like a triple check. Testing email response, DNS and Internet connectivity all in one. If email is not flowing there could be bigger problems at work. Let Mailive! help discover these problems for you.

Unlimited Support

If there is ever a problem or question with the system feel free to contact us any time. We have years of experience in both monitoring and administrating email servers and are more than happy to help diagnose problems or help find answers to any questions you may have.

Configurable testing frequency

With Mailive! you are not locked in to one or two testing frequencies. Get the testing you need when you need it. Mailive! can be configured to send its SMTP tests as frequently as every 3 minutes.
Contact us if there is a need to test more frequently or if there is any particular customization you may be looking for.

Verbose transaction details

For each test Mailive! performs both the outgoing SMTP session and returned response are stored for review and to aid in troubleshooting. Mailive! will also perform analysis on the headers of the response to show where possible delays are occurring.

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If there are any other features or customizations needed for your specific email monitoring feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Mailive! is built to be extremely flexible and under constant development. We may be able to meet your request in very little time.

Unlimited alerting

Each monitored server is not limited to a set number of alerts allowing for escalation or repeated alerts for unresponsive email configurations. Set any number of alerts to any number of destinations with time out settings from 5 minutes all the way up to 24 hours.
Alerts may be disabled for 1 hour and up to 7 days in the event of a planned outage or maintenance.

Clear reporting

Comprehensive graphing and detailed descriptions of all transaction activity. All data available for download in CSV format. See our help section for more information.

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Reports delivered to you

At the beginning of each week and month Mailive! will generate a PDF report about your email server's performance and send it to you automatically. The generated reports can also be downloaded on demand through the interface at any time.

MX record look-ups

Instead of directly connecting to a specific IP address or fully qualified domain name Mailive! has the ability to perform MX look-ups to determine to which server delivery will be attempted. This closely mimics the default behavior normal mail servers use to deliver email.

Detailed error reports

When Mailive! receives an error response from the remote server being tested the error is recorded in as much detail as possible. Socket errors, Insufficient storage, MX Record lookup failures, SMTP Server Disconnected errors - Mailive! does its best to to help you diagnose any problem occurring with your email system.

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